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Trail des Flotteurs du Trient


Thanks to this itinerary, go up the Gorges du Trient in the footsteps of the Trient Floats. After going up the 6km of Gorges, you will discover the typical small hamlets of La Cretaz and Litro before reaching the village of Trient. From there, you will continue in the direction of the Glacier (source of the Trient) before returning to the Col de la Forclaz by following the bisse du Trient, an irrigation canal built on the old railway line that was used to exploit the ice of the Trient Glacier before the invention of refrigerators. This itinerary will allow you to make a very nice trail trip, while discovering the rich industrial history of the Trient Valley.

History of the 'Flotteurs'

In the past, wood cut in winter was transported to the plain by the Trient River. During the descent, the wood accumulated in places. The peasant-floaters would go down into the river to loosen the logs with the help of "grespils", a kind of wooden pole with iron spikes. The activity was very dangerous and regularly resulted in accidents.

Follow the markers: Trail des Flotteurs du Trient


Technical information

  • Distance 19 km
  • Positive elevation 1'331 m
  • Negative elevation 266 m
  • Highest point 1'597 m
  • Duration 6h30min


Trail des Flotteurs du Trient

Trail des Flotteurs du Trient


  • Du 21 Nov 2022 au 31 May 2023



Location / Access

GPS coordinates :
46.130561187780266, 7.04348582759701