Itinéraire - Randonnée pédestre

Triège gorge

Closed actuellement


The Triège Gorge, with its footbridges and its three bridges, bears witness to the history of transport routes in the valley. This impressive walk is suitable for everyone and can easily be done from the village of Le Trétien.

From the entrance to the gorge at the road bridge, walk up the various footbridges and slopes as far as the Swiss Federal Railways water intake in the middle of the gorge. Go past the tunnel on the right that leads to the aqueduct, and continue into the forest above the railway station in Le Trétien. Follow the track as far as the station, then go down the steps that lead to the hamlet of Le Bochatay, and stroll along the narrow streets to the bread oven. Continue down the road, going past the track on the right that leads to the old mule bridge built in 1808, and return to the entrance to the gorge.


Usually open from May to October, subject to weather conditions.


    • Duration 0h45min
    • Distance 1 km
    • Ascension 160 m
    • Descent 160 m
    • Highest point 1'112 m
    • Difficulté 2/5




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