Itinerary - Hiking

Tour des Dents du Midi


Discover one of the first hiking trails in Valais, the legendary Dents-du-Midi circuit.

Majestic peaks, alpine lakes, glaciers, waterfalls, mountain passes, forests, exceptional flora and fauna! An accessible walking trail in a fabulous setting. Access amazing panoramas on an extraordinary trail.

This trail requires hikers to be in good physical condition. It is accessible to families. It is can be completed in 2, 3 or 4 days from June to October, depending on snow conditions. There are many alternative trails to add on, allowing you to lengthen your stay if you so wish.

Find all the detailed information for this magnificent hike on the website of the Tour des Dents du Midi.


    • Duration 15h35min
    • Distance 44 km
    • Positive elevation 2713 m
    • Negative elevation 2713 m
    • Highest point 2'504 m