Dailley gorge
The Dailley Gorge provides an extraordinary walk in a setting that is wild yet easily accessible.

The route through the gorge, which has been superbly renovated, passes through magnificent pine forests and takes you from Les Granges to Van d'en Bas using features that require a degree of daring, such as footbridges, tunnels and steep flights of steps.

The view is breathtaking! The Salanfe river plunges down the steep gorge in stages from one level to another and, in the distance, the snowy peaks of the Alps rise above the gentle haze in the Rhône Valley. A delight for all romantics. On the hottest days of summer, the coolness of the gorge is particularly welcome.

In these gorges, the perpetual work of the water that shapes the rocks, the freshness and a climate reminiscent of the Mediterranean with its Scots pines will leave a long-lasting impression. It is famous for its unusual wedged rock (le rocher coincé). 

Dailley gorge