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Zen Atelier / Massage, lymphatic drainage and energy treatments



My name is Pauline Décaillet. I began my professional career in medicine, but quality human relationships and approaching care in a gentle, natural way were matters close to my heart. This is why I undertook a classical massage training, graduating in 2010.

Alongside this basic vocational training, I completed training in various massages and therapies, as well as lymphatic drainage. Each year, continuous professional development keeps my professional practice up-to-date.

With a passion for nature and all the benefits it holds, I completed a training in aromatherapy which I use in my treatments. I am also trained in spagyria and can offer tailored consultations.

Energy treatments are equally close to my heart, and I offer chakra balancing and Access Bars therapy. With a keen interest in developing my perception and abilities, I also seek to deepen the energy aspect of my treatments.

I receive women, pregnant women, men and children from 3 years old in my practice. I look forward to welcoming you to my warm, quiet practice in the centre of the village.

See you soon!
Pauline Décaillet



Of all the forms of relaxation, massage is the art that provides the most complete relaxation. Massage is recognised for its positive effects on physical and mental health and is part of fundamental holistic treatments. It transmits a calming energy and provides overall relaxation for tired, stressed bodies, improving fluid circulation and therefore waste elimination, while promoting energy circulation.
  • Balancing relaxing massage
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Hot stone massage


(Dr E. Vodder method)
Manual lymphatic drainage is a form of therapeutic touch that aims to increase the speed of lymph flow (the natural fluid in lymphatic vessels) and deliver a curative as well as preventive effect. It is a very gentle, relaxing treatment.

By stimulating the channels and lymph nodes in the body, manual lymphatic drainage promotes the elimination of lymph and the toxins it carries.

The benefits of lymphatic drainage include:
  • reducing oedemas (after surgery, water retention, swollen arms, etc.)
  • improving circulatory problems (heavy legs, pregnancy, digestive issues, etc.)
  • relieving pain (headaches, migraines, joint pain, endometriosis, tendinitis, carpal tunnel, gout, etc.)
  • increasing the body's immune defence potential


This massage is performed in an appropriate position for the mother-to-be. The massage evolves with the pregnancy, and can be complemented by lymphatic drainage treatment. The massage is practiced from the 16th week of pregnancy up to full term.



Treatment combining the energy of magnetism as well as different types of massage from various cultures and origins (Lomi Lomi, Californian, Swedish, Tui na, acupressure and Ayurvedic). Specific essential oil preparations are applied in each phase: the first to detoxify, and the second to encourage relaxation.
  • Detoxify
  • Let go
  • Revitalise
  • Reconnect

Contraindications: Pregnant or breastfeeding women, people with epilepsy, people with cancer, children under 6 years old.



Access Bars therapy is an energetic treatment where gentle pressure is applied to 32 points (Bars) on the head. These activated points then dissipate their electromagnetic charge which holds on to the thoughts, judgements, beliefs and attitudes that you have accumulated, and which can hold you back in many parts of life.

You will become more present in your life, and the past will no longer determine your future in the same way.



natural remedy just like phytotherapy, homeopathy, Bach flowers and Schüssler salts, spagyria unites the potential of all these therapies in one coherent therapeutic system that is based above all on the search for the root cause of disease.

lants are at the centre of this therapeutic system: in the complex process of transforming plants into a spagyric essence, the plant’s energy healing potential develops.

For spagyrists, plants are not only a source of many active ingredients, some of which can be extracted, but they also have a hidden therapeutic power that can be released and even made more potent by a complex alchemical process.

I offer tailored consultations to help you find the plant or plant blend you need.


30 min. - CHF 60.-
60 min. - CHF 100.-
75-90 min. - CHF 120.-

Children prices :
3 - 9 y.o - CHF 60.-
10 - 16 y.o - CHF 80.-

Discount without insurance :
CHF 10.- (30 minutes)
CHF 20.- (from 60 minutes)

Treatments are paid for at the end of each session in cash or by Twint.

Our skills are valuable! I am also open to skills exchanges. Please don't hesitate to contact me to offer an exchange.

I am recognised by the ASCA foundation which is often used in additional insurance (see the list http://asca.ch/dc.aspx?content=Assureurs_conventionnes) to decide on reimbursement for services.

Before the session, I nevertheless advise you to check your cover with your additional insurance provider.

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Zen Atelier / Massage, lymphatic drainage and energy treatments

Zen Atelier / Massage, lymphatic drainage and energy treatments
Pauline Décaillet


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  • Du 22 Jul 2021 au 24 Jun 2022
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  • Du 12 Oct 2021 au 24 Oct 2021

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