Itinéraire - Randonnée pédestre

Trient gorge

Closed actuellement


A powerful example of the phenomenon of erosion, they form a serverral hundred metre deep incision at the bottom of which the glacial torrent flows.

The entrance to the Trient gorge is at Vernayaz, very near the railway station where the Mont-Blanc Express stops. The impresssibe fault is corssed by two of the highest bridges in Europe, which tower 200m over the gorges. An educational trail uses audiovisual media to tell you all about its geological features, history, and wildlife.

The walk presents no difficulty whatsover. Visitors must return to the entrance to the gorge, there are no footpaths that continue into the Trient valley.

A charge is made to enter the gorge.


Usually open from May to October, subject to weather conditions.


    • Duration 0h20min
    • Distance 600 m
    • Ascension 13 m
    • Descent 13 m
    • Highest point 463 m
    • Difficulté 1/5




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