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Ascentional journey


3 unique rail systems take you to the amazing natural site of Emosson.

The unique VerticAlp Emosson takes you from Châtelard Village to the crown of the Emosson dam in less than an hour.

The VerticAlp Emosson departure point is in Châtelard Village, 23 km from Martigny (CH) and 19 km from Chamonix (F).
It offers three unusual rail-based attractions:
  • one of the steepest 2-cabin funicular in the world (87% gradient);
  • a Decauville narrow gauge railway whose little train provides a "balcony on wheels" for enjoying the view of the Mont Blanc range;
  • a mini-funicular that connects the "Pied du barrage" terminus of the little train with the Lac d'Emosson railway station, which stands 30 metres above the crown of the Emosson dam.

Together, they form a unique visitor attraction set amid the spectacular scenery of the Mont Blanc massif.

On reaching Emosson, you can explore the region's 3 dams and the dinosaur footprints site, or enjoy the panoramic views from the restaurant at the dam or the Vieux-Emosson mountain hut. 

The park is open during the summer. 


Ascentional journey

Ascentional journey



Route du Châtelard 6
1925 Le Châtelard VS

Location / Access

GPS coordinates :
46.0618536666747, 6.958111114652979