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Activités d'été

A la cime - climbing in the trees


Tree climbing is an activity that emerged in the 1980s. It is the fusion of two practices, arboriculture and sport. It is a fun and sporting activity that is perfect for getting away from it all, learning and having a good time in complete safety.

Accompanied by a tree climbing instructor, you will discover this new world of the canopy.
You will be guided to meet these marvellous living beings that are the trees and their inhabitants. You will find a new viewpoint, sounds and all the treasures that nature offers just a few meters above our earth.


  • Fun activities for children (from 6 children)
  • Canopy observation platform, hammocks and honeycombs (maximum 8 people)
  • Meals, aperitifs, birthday parties, team building (ideal for 4 people)
  • Night perched under the starry sky (8 people maximum)


A la cime - climbing in the trees

A la cime - climbing in the trees
Dimitri Kosin