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Menu Auberge Vallon de Van


From the opening in December, we offer hunting in the region! 


We want to offer you the best products of the region!

  • For meat, we serve ourselves at the Vouilloz-Heitz butcher's shop in Salvan and at the CombeReine (yellow) butcher's shop in La Fontaine. 
  • The cheeses come from the dairy in Les Granges and the mountain pastures of the region (Emaney, Col des Planches).
  • The game meat comes from local hunters.

In the event that a dish is missing or you have to wait a while, don't forget that we work in the mountains and that this can lead to some complications.

We wish you a very good meal and a pleasant time !


Menu Auberge Vallon de Van

Menu Auberge Vallon de Van